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Getting an effective diagnosis and treatment results, department of medicine iVET Center is well equipped with experienced veterinarians, staff and sophisticated diagnostic tools. iVET Center also has advance medical devices for emergency cases. Since we know that the numbers of pet lovers are largely increasing over time and they always want the best and special care for their pets. iVET, therefore, provide special clinics with advance medical devices for their love ones so that they can ensure that their pets will be given the best care as our family members.

Special Veterinary Clinic available at iVET Center:

1.    Skin clinic
2.    Ophthalmology (eye) clinic
3.    Exotic pets clinic
4.    Surgery
5.    Dental clinic
6.    Hydrotherapy
7.    Assistive animal center

X- ray and ultrasound are the indispensable machines facilitate veterinarians to receive more precise diagnosis results. At iVET, we aware of this factor, so we provide accuracy machines to our patients. This will lead to accurate diagnosis and better treatment outcome.


For some diseases or health conditions, without laboratory the diagnosis may be obscured and lass accurate. In order to give our customers an accurate diagnosis and best care for their pets, we, thus, set up our own laboratory which is able to supply necessary case for our patients. For example, test kit for infectious diseases, microscope and complete blood count machine.