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Dental Surgery

Does your pet have a bad breath?
Halitosis or bad breath is one of the earlier signs developed when the dog has oral problem. Oral health is important as other health issues, but we normally over look. Dental problem can lead to other system and eventually exacerbate pet's health. The most dental problem we found in companion animal is dental plaque and tartar which can lead to periodontitis, gingivitis and tonsillitis. However, if the owner take care well, certainly, your pet will have a healthy teeth and beautiful smile. 

The common oral problems such as plaque, dental tartar, malocclusion, gingivitis and periodontitis; an inflammation of gingiva and tissue around tooth root. Plaque

Dental care for pets
Brushing teeth once a day with a toothpaste and dental scaling every 6 months are recommended. At iVET, we have dental clinic in every branch and provide a consulting service, oral examination, dental scaling and extraction for both dogs and cats and exotic pets.

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