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Hydrotherapy is a physical therapy applying water to facilitate animals&; motion. This makes animals havening muscular weakness or neurological conditions are able to move more conveniently. Hydrotherapy can also facilitate arthricular movement and reduce reaction force to the joints compared to normal exercise (Low impact exercise) which results in less damage to arthicular surface while implementing a physical therapy. Therefore, presently hydrotherapy is becoming popular and has several approaches to implement i.e. swimming and under water treadmill (UWTM)

    Indication of hydrotherapy
1.    To alleviate chronic or sub-acute inflammation of tissue
2.    Muscular stiffness or reduce intramuscular connective tissue
3.    Degenerative joint disease
4.    Patients recovering from orthopedics surgery
5.    Patients having muscle spasm
6.    Patients having muscle weakness
7.    Neurological patients

Contraindication of hydrotherapy
1.    Patients having heart disease
2.    Respiratory patients
3.    Patients having problem with temperature sensation
4.    Severe peripheral vascular disease patients
5.    Patients with bleeding problems
6.    Patients having severe skin infection
7.    Diarrheic patients
8.    Patients being sensitive to water

Our swimming pool is opened every day between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.