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About Us

We provide veterinary medical services in correlation with medical ethic and royalty. Thus, ourcustomers can ensure that they will receive the best service from prevention and treatment torehabilitation. The standard of our hospital is insured the quality by ISO 9001: 2008 lead iVET to be a leader in animal hospital both in Thailand and other south east asian countries .

iVET standard 3i


   i = international

    With an international standard guaranteed by ISO 9001:2008, a professional veterinarian team, high technology medical devices as well as branch of service both in Thailand and aboard which make iVET to be a leader in Veterinary medical services.

    i = integrity

     We strictly implement morality, medical ethics and royalty to customers in delivering services. Therefore, you can  ensure that you are given a logical treatment and valuable advices for your decision.

    i = innovation

     We commit to develop technology for assisting our patients in every aspect from prevention to rehabilitation so as to strive to be the best in veterinary profession. We have organized research and development department as a part of our hospital to produce new veterinary innovations and continuously expand treatment quality.
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