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At present, several owners like their dogs to go for exercise, but some may doubt

about the benefit of exercise in dogs or how often should they do? Today, we have an  
answers to you. 
Actually, exercising has benefits both to normal dogs for its health and to ones that
have neuromuscular problems. Dogs is also similar to us human that need regularly  
exercise especially obese dogs and we need to choose a type of exercise to be  
suitable for the dogs.
1. Large breed dog.
Exercise will strengthen its muscle, if they do not exercise regularly, their musculoskeletal  
system will not develop properly and might cause problems in the future. These breed  
dogs can do a lot of type of exercises such as running, swimming and jumping   
2. Small breed dog
Small breed dog should not have a vigorous exercise such as jumping because they could  
get hurt like leg fracture and that could result in long term health problem. This kind of  
breed dogs should exercise by playing such as ball fetching and jogging.   
3. Senior dogs
A short but often exercise should be appropriate for them since they most have a health  
condition about their joints and bones. Moreover, we should not let them exercise during  
a hot and sunny day.

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