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Grooming & Bathing


All pets will go through the physical examination before proceeding a bathe and/or hair cut to ensure that animal is away from sick to safely do those activities. Then the bathers will check pet’s hair and skin whether it is matted or sensitive skin or having flea tick in order to choose a suitable shampoo and brushing method. 

We have special service - Spa by massage - Sea Salt Spa – Hot oil - Treatment

How often bathing pet? 
When their body goes stinky or when you want to clean/refresh them

Dogs with normal skin condition
Usually, healthy dogs generally need to take only 1-2 times a month. If the dog gets ragged or smelly, it is necessary to take a bath immediately. If we have to shower them frequently. We also need a gentle shampoo that does not create a dry skin.

Dogs with skin problem
The veterinary recommend to shower them frequently as detailed below
Dermatitis and itching; using gentle shampoo 1-2 times a week.
Flea and tick; using Tick and Flea shampoo to kill flea tick once a week.
Skin allergy; using shampoo for sensitive skin.


Caution in bathing too often 
- Dry skin due to oil leaking away skin. 
- Coarse hair 
- Dry skin infection.

Tips on dog hair care

1. Avoiding causes of tangled hair. We should always check the hair of the dog, especially, the grass or small foreign matter, such as dust or powder, will make the hair tangle easily.

2. Daily hair brush. We need to brush dog’s hair every day. The bristles will help to remove the fallen hair which cause matting. 

3. Bathing a long-haired dog is an important step that helps keep hair healthy. 
We should choose a shampoo specifically for dogs. This will help to keep hair shiny and healthy.

4. Be careful not to scratch too much. 

5. Change the hair style to short hair. 

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