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When current medicine may not do their best, there is another option that helps increase a successful rate of a cure and efficiently against diseases. IVET Veterinary Hospital has the qualified veterinarians with experience and certificates specializing in animal treatment to service and give the advice. IVET Services include:


The therapeutic use of herbs and nutrition, herbal capsule for animals.
Massage to fine-tune a blood circulation and energy in the body.
Depending on your pet’s element and characteristic which is diverse and vary, we diagnose and select the appropriate method to deal with disease differently for a best result. This way of treatment couldn’t be found in the current medicine. 

The alternative treatment, particularly acupuncture, can be used as a treatment for each of body systems. On one hand, it can be used together with herbs and nutrition to avoid medications which adversely affect to liver and kidney. On the other hand, using acupuncture aligning with the current medicine could also be an option.

While a well-being pet is a result from an acupuncture, a scientific explanation underpins this outcome. Beta-Endorphin produced when doing an acupuncture helps on relaxing and reducing the pain. The alternative medicine can be applied on a variety of diseases, for instance, diseases of the nervous system and muscular system such as Seizures and Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, respiratory system, endocrine system,  or even cancer to give animals a good quality of life and avoid suffering from pain.

The veterinary alternative treatment  should be done constantly. Depending on the response in each animal to the treatment, herbs and nutrition will be adjusted to the size and needs of animal. An acupuncture session may be arranged 1-2 times a week with 30 minutes per session in the beginning and continuously keeping track of treatment for the effectiveness.   

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